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An Intuitive Networking Group

Going to a networking group is great to do to get the word out about your business and meet prospects.

How about a group that helps you go deeper into your goal(s), meet new people, gain intuitive insights from others and provide intuitive insight to others.

Let’s tap into the Intelligence that exists in the matrix of life and use our intuition to gain insights for our own goals and for others and to deepen our own use of intuition in life.

Below is a concept of how each of us is a personal matrix and how life is a larger matrix made up of all the individual matrices. In this grand design of life we are all connected thus we can help each other by attuning to the intuitive energies that always connect us and contain our much wanted answers..


We are each a unique personal matrix of different layers of energies.

Life is then an incredible cross-linked matrix of all the personal matrices.

Intuition is the communication channel that uses these connections.

Through practice we can access this intuition on cue and thus glean information from the Matrix of Life to receive the answers we most want.

The specifics of each meeting may vary to shake things up and learn different ways to use your intuition. Here is a general idea of what will happen.

* RSVP for the meeting

* Bring your goal(s) for your life and/or for your business.

* If you have one bring an image (photo, drawing, magazine cut out, etc) of your goal to put up

* There will be paper for you to write out your goal and paste the picture next to it

* You will be guided in different ways to use your intuition to help yourself and help others in achieving these goals

The first meeting is on August 18, 7 pm in the Westlake area of Austin. Those who RSVP will receive the location. For now it is easy to manage RSVPs through the Meetup site. Please join; it’s free. Otherwise e-mail me at tapthematrix@gmail.com

Meetings will be on a donation basis to make it accessible. I do have to pay for the room and materials.

For now these groups will be monthly; that could easily change to be more frequent. It might also become a weekday event. I’m just getting started with this new idea and am open to ideas.

I am looking for a north Austin location. If you have any ideas/offers then please let me know.

I will start this in San Antonio as soon as I set a date for it.

RSVP is important through Meetup Group! Not just because of seating limitations but also:

I will be posting information about preparing your goal before the meeting so you can come more prepared. This will be done at least a week beforehand. I have found that many people have never learned how to set goals before so this will help. PLUS I have a system that works more with the quantum energy and how we fit into that concept of life which guides you through Crafting Effective Goals.

The Meetup Group link is at the bottom of this page here


The Matrix of Life vibrates with beauty and synchronicity when  personal matrices are attuned in the same direction of well being and support of each other.

Life is a Matrix of Energies

Quantum Physicists tell us that the foundation of life is vibrating quantum energy. They say that human bodies, animals, rocks, plants, trees, water, mountains, chairs, air... everything is vibrating quantum energy. There is nothing that is not this energy. There cannot be anything that is not this energy, seen and unseen.

In fact this quantum energy is closer to us than our breath for it is the very substance from which and in which we exist plus it is our breath. This is the foundation of life before thought. When you direct your thought it generates what are called Thought-Forms which is when quantum energy begins to collect together; the beginning of form and of having what you desire.

Soak that in... then consider this even more expansive concept.

Every molecule of this vibrating quantum energy contains quantum intelligence. This means that quantum intelligence exists in every particle of all matter. This is a foundation to the theory of how intuition works. Since we are all vibrating quantum energy and quantum intelligence then we can direct our thoughts to detect that intelligence anywhere in anything.

An Intelligent Field of Energy

These vibrating particles that make up life and contain the intelligence to create this life makes up an intelligent field of energy. There is a force inherent in this field and is this field. There are fields that surround each of the compilations of intelligent energy, each matrix. In other words every rock, animal, tree, human and all the things listed above has its own intelligent field of energy. It is interesting that while the substance that binds together to form these apparent individual fields of energies simultaneously exists as the field that is generated as a result. This intelligence is the substance, the nourishment and the result of itself.

This shows that the microcosm of life is the macrocosm of life; exact same thing since there can never be any separation from quantum energy. There can never be any separation from our very Source. In fact the source of all problems and fears in life is because of a false belief in separation from Source.

Life is a Beautifully Symmetrical Matrix of Quantum Energies that, at times, operates in a chaotic manner. Welcome to Life as we know it, so far!


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