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Lamar Irwin is available for speaking to Networking Groups, Business Functions, Medical Offices, Churches, Retreats, Schools and more.

I am for hire at Spiritual Centers who want a New Thought - type sermon and a class afterwards

In March 2010 He did a two-part series to the Texas Workforce Commission for the Unemployed Weekly Meeting in Williamson Conference Center in Round Rock, Texas. A Unique Approach To Finding A Job gave them specific brain focusing skills to use more of their brain power and usually decrease the brawn of job searching.

All talks will include skills people can use right away.

Subjects Include:

 - Effectively use the different brain modes to achieve goals more effectively

 - De-stress your mind and body on cue

 - Tapping into your Natural Health

 - Spiritual Laws of Life and How to Use them

 - Mind Brain modes - Turning on your Intuition

 - Personal Power & Personal Growth

 - Power of Now

 - Sleeping and Pain Management

 - many others

March 2007: Lamar L. Irwin, RScP, CSMI spoke with three classes of juniors and seniors in Leander High School about The Power of their Minds.

April 2007: Lamar L. Irwin, RScP, CSMI spoke with three classes of high schoolers at St. Stephens school in Austin, Texas about The Power of their Minds.

We had one of our attendees recommend Lamar Irwin as a speaker for our group. We are a group of hundreds of unemployed people; we run this group for the Texas Workforce Commission locally. Lamar said that he can speak to them about using their minds differently but I was concerned about how well it would be received by this group of people. He assured me that  that he would word it for the audience. He said since he is an engineer he can present it logically. It was very well received and many found it helpful. He also said that he did not want to just speak one time; he wanted to give them value. So, he spoke twice without being paid. We have asked him to come speak again.

Lamar is a dynamic speaker and seems to speak from his heart. Our congregation enjoyed him so much they asked us to rebook him soon. So we did and this time he delivered even more. The talk was clear and motivating. More than half the people came back for class which was very well received and professionally done.

Lamar Irwin has been to our loose-knit Divine Science church several times over the last few years; each time he comes to town. He is very knowledgeable, professional and delivers a power-packed sermon each time. We asked him to consider becoming our minister. We always look forward to his next visit.

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