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Mind Technology is committed to excellence not only in the workplace but also in the community. It is our responsibility to provide leadership and excellence. These are testimonials about the instructur Lamar L. Irwin, RScP, CSMI. Testimonials about the effectiveness of the Silva Method are located here.

My life has become more challenging as I want to change directions. I meditate everyday for at least 20 minutes but I’m stuck with minimal changes. After refreshing the Silva Method class, as a graduate, I had my free Silva Method Coaching session with Lamar. Now I feel focused and am seeing movement. I feel more in control. I realized that I was relaxing daily for years but was not focusing my life at the right brain level.

Lea T., Austin, Texas

“My advice to anyone considering whether or not to engage Lamar to provide his services is to listen to your heart, be sensitive to and trust your feelings, for without, and/or prior to, working with Lamar it is likely that one cannot understand nor perceive the process nor benefits. This is because you are unlikely to have experienced such a process before. I highly recommend Lamar - the man, the professional, the trainer - to you.”

The testimonial above is from a business coaching client. When we began his business was valued at around $600k. After a few months of coaching the valuation topped $1 milliong. A few years later this client sold his company for $500 million

Philip R B.
Founder and CEO
Multi-Million Dollar Trading Firm

Lamar Irwin has provided me with the guidance and support I needed to transform my life from that of passively letting life unfold to actively participating in the creation of the life I desire.  It is one thing to simply want a better life; Lamar provides the tools to literally construct a more rewarding life.  I encourage anyone with the desire to take a leap of faith and let Lamar Irwin teach you how to change your life.

Janine L.
Cedar Park, Texas

Lamar is a genius when it comes to illuminating what needs to be the next step in my life. I was able to see and solve a problem I brought him in just an hours time. He is wonderful to work with, very accepting, open and insightful. I highly recommend him as a coach!

Dr. Lynn Lawrence
Austin, Texas

“Lamar Irwin has been a remarkable ‘find’ for me as a new resident of Austin, Texas. He’s inspirational, kind, conscientious, caring, and one of the better ‘change agents’ out there. After one counseling session, I was absolutely sold on his ability as a coach and a spiritual practitioner. He’s also a wonderful teacher. I took the Silva Method over 25 years ago, while I was in college. I took the course, and promptly shot up to an honor student right away. I’ve used those techniques consciously and unconsciously since then, crediting much of Jose Silva’s work with my successes in life. My father also took the course, and then came home to recover from an illness in a miraculous way.  I wanted to renew my acquaintance with the Silva Method program, so when I found Lamar, I was delighted to be re-educated on the Silva methods once again. I also went to Lamar for a personal coaching session, walking away with a great deal of hope and inspiration to be more effortless in allowing myself to focus and succeed with my goals. It felt great. Lamar is sincere and dedicated in his practice, and a genuinely nice guy.”

Lea Timmons, CAC, CSP, PAN Group Inc.
Austin, Texas

I had this series of traumatic experiences with my family as a child concerning one area of my life. With your help I have permanently altered those memories to be supportive and have carried the resulting changes forward into my life. I am feeling so free and expressive in that area of my life now.

Joy S.
Austin, Texas

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