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I host meetings, Meetups, mini-classes, previews, meditations and more regularly in both Austin and San Antonio.

Some of the regular topics are listed below and these can be customized for your group of friends and family.

The best meetings happen when I am invited by someone who invites people to his home... and groups that ask me to come lead a topic that will benefit their group.







An Intuitive Networking Group

How about a group that helps you go deeper into your goal(s) and how to achieve them, meet new people, gain intuitive insights from others and provide intuitive insight to others.

Let’s tap into the Intelligence that exists in the matrix of life and use our intuition to gain insights for our own goals and for others and to deepen our own use of intuition in life.

There’s a synopsis of meeting topics here.

I will add more detail as I continue to work on this website ;-)

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