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Welcome to the new Life Results Class. The foundation for this class comes from a class that I have always depended on when I need a new focus and energy in life or have gotten off track. One of the true gifts of this class is you can generate a palpable momentum in the direction in life that you choose. This class with its mental focus, imagination expansion, awareness enhancing, and wealth of techniques and knowledge is designed to use the faculties that both hemispheres of the brain provide us.

This is one of your empowerment keys: the brain is designed to be your interface between being focused on what we sense with our physical senses or expanding your senses and focus in the world of limitless possibilities.

Foundational Skills Sets that are implemented:

  • Mental Focus
  • Stress Management techniques
  • Experiential learning through the Guided daily techniques
  • Four Fundamental Life Results for maintaining your focus and willingness to change
  • Enhanced Self Awareness and Self Betterment
  • Benefits of this multi-dimensional class
  • Clarify your goals and work with them during the class
  • Top 10 Guidelines to Crafting Powerful Goals
  • Understand the origin of most blocks or obstacles in life
  • Learn how to work with the 3 Channels of your Whole Mind
    • Infinite Mind, IM
    • Aware Mind, AM
    • Unaware Mind, UAM
  • Develop the 2 Modes of your Brain for Living more effectively
    • Outer Sensing and Action Mode
    • Inner Expansion and Life Generation Mode
  • Gain a Keener Knowledge and Awareness of the Creative Process
  • Who are you?
    • Self Awareness skills
    • Create a new self image
    • Design your own Statement of BEing
    • Grow into your true self
  • Consciously Enhance the Creative Process
    • Techniques to use during the day as needed
    • Some guided experiences on CD
  • Developing Beliefs
    • Why you believe what you believe
    • Change what you believe then you change your BEing and Living
  • Comprehending your Series of Life Blocks and Limitations
  • Wisdom in Action
    • Know what is your part to do in generating your life
    • and what is not your task but to let go
    • Using your Modes of Brain Functions to live more wisely
  • Perspective and Perception
    • Shifting your perception changes your reality
    • What affects your Perspective
      • Beliefs, level of stress, sense of isolation/interconnectedness, UAM (unaware mind)
    • Claiming Your Moments of Power
  • Creating results outside your wall of beliefs
  • Multiple dimensions and shifting

Once you have taken the class you will then have the manual which is also a workbook plus the daily techniques on CD that go along with this six-week life-boosting that is both inspiring and grounded in the new physics upon which some of the course is built.

In Live Presentations this class will be done in one of two possible formats. The first format is one three-hour class weekly for six weeks at the same time and location. Another option is a weekend intensive.

The retail class includes the live class, extensive manual and workbook, a new CD weekly with daily techniques to use, certificate and student ID card.

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