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I host meetings, Meetups, mini-classes, previews, meditations and more regularly in both Austin and San Antonio.

Some of the regular topics are listed below and these can be customized for your group of friends and family.

The best meetings happen when I am invited by someone who invites people to his home... and groups that ask me to come lead a topic that will benefit their group.


There are many options and formats available for you and/or your group to host an evening or daytime meeting. These are usually 2-1/2 to 3 hours. Some of the topics are below.

Talks at networking meetings and businesses are also given. And can be customized for the group.

Your Brain’s Manual - 2 Modes of Operation
A Part of the Series of Your Grand Design

Learn how to direct your thoughts, adjust your brain’s frequencies and creatively visualize to change yourself and your life. I use charts and a discussion for you to begin to understand how to use this organ that is designed for you to switch between two experiences of life. Each person receives a list of the benefits of using both brain modes of operation.

Then everyone will have a life-altering experience that they can use in their lives

Journey of Awakening & Healing using Crystal Bowls

Sound is a vibrational energy that helps people meditate. The singing quartz crystal bowls have this amazing effect of creating a sound cocoon that helps you go deeper into meditation than normal. After this meditation the groups will play with that mindset with intuition, healing energies or psychometry.

Tap the Matrix!

This is an evening when each person is guided into the Intuitive Creative Mind to use their intuition on cue. Click here for info

Other topics include:

A Spiritual Approach to Using Your Mind

Learning Quantum Alignment

Learn to Meditate Deeply - Experience a scientific approach to meditation that does not take 45 minutes a day. Be able to enter the meditative mindset in a few minutes by choice. With practice this becomes a few seconds... and know that you are there.

Contact me to arrange your special event. I travel.

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