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Coaching is offered using different approaches because of my uniquely diverse training in multiple disciplines of the Mind-Body-Spirit field - Lamar Irwin bio. I will do whatever works to help you get what you desire to have, be and do in life. My responsibility is to make sure you receive the guidance, support and occasional push so that your life goes in the direction you most desire it to go. You entrust me with your most valuable assets: your dreams, goals and wishes for life. I will always use my large well of experience, tools and methods to make sure you head in the right direction.

Coaching Sessions are actually Life Empowering Moments for each Person

I have yet to have a client not achieve what he or she most wanted when they allowed me to help them. So, I suggest you call me when you are ready and are willing to dig deep and make an internal commitment to achieve your goals. I am here to stand with and support those who want to win, succeed and excel.

Generally people consider working with a coach when they have a particular problem, project or task to handle and realize that they could use some new information and life skills to achieve this. Sometimes people want to see things in life better - they may come to me for spiritual counseling. Sometimes people work with me long term to make some foundational changes in their thought processes, feelings and self identity.

Some situations and reasons people seek a coach. Some of these apply to teams or groups:

  • Make more money
  • Do better in your job
  • Launch and/or grow your own business
  • Focus on a new project
  • Learn skills to focus, concentrate and create

Some examples of people who seek spiritual counseling sessions or a coaching session

  • Lady was selling her hom and moving out of state. Engineer hired to make drawings for new septic improvements was not returning her phone calls and was delaying her home sale. I did a spiritual mind treatment for her. She called me to say the next day he came over with them complete.
  • Person has a swollen ankle and a doctor’s appointment in a few days. We do a spiritual mind treatment. Health was restored and she canceled the appointment.

People call for any and all reasons to get a spiritual mind treatment and to have a spiritual counseling session.

Due to my training and apprenticing as essentially a second career to my engineering I offer four distinct styles of coaching/counseling. For you it is not about any particular approach being more effective than the other. Instead, here is the benefit I see. With my mind and thought processes being trained in mental focus, brain skills, effective goal setting based on science, working in mega-corporations, living globally for a while and doing the years of work to become a spiritual coach... I see that I will have some approach, some different perspective that you will find beneficial and will help you to excel in life and achieve what you most desire to achieve.

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