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Better Living store

My vision for this store is to facilitate your ongoing learning, practicing and developing with products including books, CDs, DVDs, Games and Equipment.
 If you have a product or a product suggestion please contact us. Let us know your experiences.

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Better Living Store

WELCOME! Please come in.

This is the beginning of Mind Technology's Better Living Store where our intent is to provide products that help you become more and more empowered in life thus being more joyous and fulfilled.

We have:

Books Audio CDs that have instruction and guided experiences
Audio CD Home-Study sets DVDs
Crystals, Gems, Minerals
Premier MindSpa
Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls
Other items
Better Living Kits

You can visit us during a monthly Meetup, a class,
a private session or contact us to schedule a visit.

Until the store gets fully programmed, there are products listed:

  • below in the Shopping Area
  • pictures of each shelf on this page
  • pictures of some other items for sale on this page
  • MindSpa - either click left button or click here
  • Better Living Kits - either click left button or click here

Payment options:

 The Shopping area below accepts credit cards using PayPal
 For other items you will contact me to get pricing with shipping costs and can pay with a credit card - I'll send you a request for payment via email
 or by check, cash while visiting

PLEASE NOTE: I have not set up shipping charges on this site yet so the Shipping Costs paragraph below says how you will pay shipping costs when you order something.

The brand new Better Living Kits  for directly empowering your life.

Some furniture, electronics and items for sale on this page.

Other products are shown in pictures on this page - click this link for pictures of the Better Living store by Mind Technology. You can email me if you are not in the Austin area and inquire about an item that you are interested in.

Payment options for all items:

PayPal  Credit card in person, over the phone or through PayPal
Mail a check or money order  Cash in person

Shipping costs

I am just getting this store posted so I do not have shipping and weight costs set up yet. To pay for shipping costs use the amounts just below to calculate it. Then select multiples of $1, $2, $5 and $0.50 to come up with the full S&H costs. If you miscalculate I will contact you.

    CD - $3.00, Additional CDs add $1.00
    Silva Mind Control and Relax books $3.00, Addtional of these books add $1.50
    Other Books - $4.00, Additional Books add $2.00
    MindSpa - $10.00, Additional MindSpa units add $8.00

Refund and exchange policy

30 days for all items unless noted to be different in the item's description. Buyer pays return shipping. Contact me first telling me the problem then I will respond with instructions.

This store uses PayPal for payments. PayPal is a secure online banking option. It allows you to pay using a credit card or direct from your bank account.

You can click on most items to see an extended description.


Dr. Huerta Detox Class & Tea

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Attend class, receive work and a tea as described above


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