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The first time I felt more in control of my life after using a meditative-type technique is when my life began to change; I was in the middle of the jungle on the island of Borneo in Indonesia working for a French Global company that provided computer analysis services to the oil companies. One of the tools failed and I used my intuition to get an answer much quicker than my logical approach would have taken. Time is money especially on remote oil rigs that cost millions a day to operate... and it saved money and began to earn me a good reputation in management. Then I had my spiritual awakening on the island of Bali... [more]

So, what is it that you most want to accomplish in your personal and professional life? 


My greatest matrix vision is that I can assist the Curious Souls and those people who want to Excel in their life endeavors to Achieve their Greatest Vision and Be their Best Self. I have apprenticed and learned with four unique major personal development systems and other minor ones. My engineering-trained mind combined with other training systems allows me to approach assisting, coaching, training others from a scientific approach, an energetics methodology and a spiritual foundation perspective... whatever perspective helps people to activate their personal power.

I invite you to explore my sites, here and the Curious Mind New blog. Feel free to say howdy, ask questions, contact us. And if you want to be kept informed of events please click here. (I do not spam nor sell info.)

Each of us is an amazing matrix of systems that make up life and awareness. I use my 29 years of training in mental focus, stress management, spiritual counseling, emotional management, inner journeying, sensation guidance, answers from within video feedback, Silva Method, Science of Mind, The Natale Institute, Psyck-K and others

Therefore when my clients commit to their desires I commit to training, guiding and coaching them in whatever they need to achieve and receive. I use multiple approaches so that we find the right way for you to stretch, learn and grow into your desired life.

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You tune your Mind to the Channel of how you want to be by Consciously Choosing Your Thoughts.

One’s life effectiveness depends on skills to focus one’s thoughts. No matter what the approach... From that all else follows.

Learning brain-based strategies and skills is to learn how to drive one’s thoughts thus one’s results and effectiveness in life. Sometimes I consider my lifetime worth of learning multiple disciplines makes me a Focusing Agent.

The person who chooses to excel in life’s endeavors and career is the person who is learning new mind and thought skills. The most recent research supports our brain-based strategies.

Mind Technology™ is here to provide you with the tools to live a better and more fulfilling life. We believe that as each individual, each business and each corporation excels into becoming a responsible and successful example of what is possible that others will be drawn to that visionary way of living.

The Core Principles of the Human Potential that Lead us into more powerful Life Skills is described here in my Curious Mind News blog.

Many corporations are changing the way they do business in a way that they are accountable to society, their employees and their vision. This approach never excludes their responsibility to shareholders. It only enhances the financial bottom line since that is a direct result of activating their purpose accessing their potential. In doing so they are living in integrity and becoming leaders in this world that longs for leaders. Corporate leaders are finding that their business excels when they have a vision, that their management teams improve performance when they have increased focus and access to their creative Mind faculties, and when their workers are provided training so that they can do their jobs efficiently and have their own lives work well,

Small businesses find that they can get out of that small business Mind-set rut when they learn the same Mind-Efficient tools alluded to above. They serve their customers better when they access the parts of the Mind that allow them to work smarte more efficiently and more creatively.

Individuals have always found more fulfillment when they invest in themselves by learning cutting-edge Mind-Directing methods. People become winners when they have a sense of control over their lives. People become successful when they focus their Minds tapping into the incredible power of intent and accessing the creative realm on demand.

When one has the available tools to Direct their Mind then one finds their Life is Directed so that they become increasingly more fulfilled and they develop a winning attitude. This dynamic process that is a result of this training generates a dynamic process of creativity that continues to spiral upwards.

Browse our Web site for more information about Mind Technology™. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Mind Technology™ representative regarding our classes, services and products, please Contact Us

At Mind Technology™, Truth is the guiding force, cutting-edge understanding of how the Mind works is the education and consistent support of our graduates is the key to creating a better world for them, their families and for all those who shall follow. 

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